How to use Star Wars Jedi Survivor floating balloons


Wondering how to use Star Wars Jedi Survivor floating balloons? These curious looking objects hang in mid-air and, no matter how hard you try, there seems to be no way to interact with them. Thankfully, you’ll have a way to make use of these eventually.

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor floating balloons or grapple balloons are just one type of method to aid in your exploration. There are others, which we discuss in our traversal abilities guide. Likewise, several facets related to combat and exploration mechanics are cited in our guides on the best skills and Blaster parts, like the Quickdraw Blaster cosmetic.

How to find the grappling hook in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor grappling hook, or ascension cable, is an ability you’ll acquire early on in the campaign. You’ll use it often, as countless grapple points exist in various areas and zones. This is activated by pressing the ‘E’ key when you see a prompt. In some cases, the grapple points are in mid-air or quite a distance away, often requiring multiple jumps, wall-running, or even passing through green barriers. This combination of acrobatic skills leads to intricate sections in the campaign.

Now, as for the Star Wars Jedi Survivor floating balloons or grapple balloons, you’ll need the upgraded ascension cable. This is obtained automatically while you’re proceeding through the main story.

To find the Star Wars Jedi Survivor upgraded ascension cable, you need to travel to the Shattered Moon and watch a cutscene with Santari and Dagan. On your second visit to the Shattered Moon, Cal will end up in an area with multiple floating balloons. After watching a flashback involving Santari and Dagan, he’ll start crafting the upgraded tool.

With it, you’ll be able to use floating balloons in the game. This is done by holding the ‘E’ key, not just pressing it. This will cause a light blue outline to appear. For a few seconds, you’ll be able to rotate your camera to change the direction of your leap.

Once you let go of the button, Cal will perform a boosted jump that can clear gaps. In many instances, you’ll also have to do this by hopping back and forth between multiple floating balloons, changing directions each time.

Cal Kestis soars through the air to use the Star Wars Jedi Survivor floating balloons

Likewise, the Star Wars Jedi Survivor floating balloons may have devices that can spawn them. You can use your Star Wars Jedi Survivor Force Powers to manipulate them. Use Force Pull to grab one and then Force Push to throw them into the air. Once they’re suspended in mid-air, they’ll act as makeshift grapple points. Just ensure you have enough Star Wars Jedi Survivor Force Essence crystals so you don’t get into a mishap.

There are many makeshift traversal skills and even outfits to discover during your playthrough of what looks set to become one of the best Star Wars games. You can try figuring out the Crypt of Uhrma or Pilgrims Sanctuary puzzles if that doesn’t keep you busy enough. If you’re scrapping for a fight, our Star Wars Jedi Survivor enemies guide details all the Imperial Stormtroopers and droids you’ll face on your journey.

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