Star Wars Jedi Survivor hides one incredibly bizarre secret encounter


Star Wars Jedi Survivor secret encounter looks to have been found by a player and backed up by a developer at Respawn, who says there’s a “small chance” of seeing the over-the-top and outright hilarious moment while exploring. Star Wars Jedi Survivor is an action-adventure game filled with secrets, and this looks to be one of the best.

So, you might just get the chance to see one of the more iconic Star Wars Jedi Survivor characters while roaming around the big open spaces of the planet Koboh, according to one Respawn developer who shared the footage.

“I loved the dynamic patrols that Lee did for Star Wars Jedi Survivor,” senior encounter designer Patrick Wren says on Twitter. “The Valley on Koboh feels so much more alive and changes as you progress through the story.

“Of course, there is a very small chance of what happens below too,” Wren teases.

From this point we’ll be dealing with some minor Star Wars Jedi Survivor spoilers, you’ve been warned.

Basically, as you wander around Koboh, the planet that really puts the open-world game into Jedi Survivor’s description, you’ll encounter enemy patrols. These can often fight one another depending on the faction, and their makeup changes throughout the story depending on the enemies you’ve encountered – so yeah, Jedi Survivor is sort of open-world.

The kicker though? You can get surprise attacked by a Rancor.

by u/DarthGoomba93 in FallenOrder

As you’d imagine, this doesn’t go well for Cal, but Wren’s statement seems to suggest that is in fact programmed into the game deliberately, even if you have a slim chance of seeing it yourself.

I talked about the open-world part of the adventure in my Star Wars Jedi Survivor review, and while it feels like a way to just make this game feel bigger than Fallen Order for the sake of it, there are lots of excellent little character moments buried in the sea of Cal’s different beards and lightsaber parts.

If you need help with Cal’s newest adventure, our complete Star Wars Jedi Survivor walkthrough features absolutely everything you need to know, from all planet collectibles, to stim upgrades and force essence locations as well.

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