Check out the Cuphead-style FPS game that’s blowing up on Steam


Take the 1930s cartoon aesthetic of Cuphead, throw in the art deco soundtrack and stylings of BioShock, then add a dose of Doom’s fast-paced arena-shooter action, and you get Mouse, a new FPS game that’s just opened up on Steam. It’s been a pretty decent time lately for shooters, with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Destiny 2, and Tarkov all still going strong, but Mouse looks like something completely different.

Developed by Fumi Games, Mouse casts you as the wonderfully named private detective John Mouston in a “gritty, jazz-fuelled shooter.” Using the same ‘rubber-hose’ visual design as the original Mickey Mouse cartoons, and also bringing some Fallout and BioShock-esque chunky HUD design, this is definitely one for the Steam Wishlist. Check out the full Mouse trailer below:

There’s a bunch of retro weapons like a revolver, dynamite sticks (for the Blood fans), and of course the classic Tommy gun. You can also customise and upgrade Mouston with the very Circus-of-Value-style ‘Fantastic-o-Matic’ machine, allowing for a range of playstyles as you take on Mouse’s rapid-pace, old-school shooter gun battles.

We’re still waiting on a release date, and it looks like Fumi is still in the early stages of building Mouse, with the gunplay and shooting systems all set, but the levels still under construction. Regardless, we’ve always got an appetite for novel, visually striking takes on classic genres – Cuphead itself being a prime example – and so Mouse is definitely going on our radar. You can wishlist it yourself right here.

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