Get one of Steam’s biggest grand strategy games for 75% off


Stellaris might be the grandest of the best grand strategy games out there, given that it’s literally spread across the vastness of space, and now you can get your hands on it for a massive 75% off thanks to a Steam sale. Developer Paradox, makers of Crusader Kings 3, Europa Universalis 4, Total War Warhammer 3, Victoria 3, and the recently released Age of Wonders 4, are certainly experts in the strategy market, and Stellaris is among their finest work.

This intergalactic sci-fi strategy game has you choose between a number of pre-designed empires that represent all manner of classic alien civilizations from across the breadth of science fiction history. Alternatively, you can create your own empire from scratch by selecting from numerous origins and modifiers that define its strengths and weaknesses.

Our Stellaris review remarks how we were very impressed by the base game’s depth and systems, noting how the traits of your created empire tie in cleanly to the story you’ll tell and the approach you’ll take as you explore the stars and determine factors such as your governmental ethics and your approach to other factions.

To celebrate the release of the Stellaris Galactic Paragons DLC pack, which introduces new council mechanics and leaders to the space game, Stellaris is a whopping 75% off on Steam. In addition to that, there are big discounts on both the Starter Pack, which includes the Utopia and Apocalypse DLCs along with the Leviathans and Synthetic Dawn story packs, and the Ultimate Bundle including all but the most recent expansions.

Stellaris Steam sale

Here are the prices for the Stellaris Steam sale, which runs May 9-18:

  • Stellaris is 75% off – expect to pay $9.99 / £8.74.
  • Stellaris Galaxy Edition is 75% off – expect to pay $12.49 / £10.49.
  • The Stellaris Starter Pack bundle is 64% off – expect to pay $35.95 / £30.57.
  • The Stellaris Ultimate bundle is 54% off – expect to pay $117.38 / £99.05.

Alternatively, those of you with a subscription to Microsoft’s PC Game Pass service will be pleased to discover that you can play Stellaris for free as part of the included game library. You won’t get access to every add-on, however, although Game Pass subscribers do get a 10% discount on their price tags if you do want to upgrade.

Read up on the Stellaris First Contact DLC to see if it catches your eye, and take a look through the best Stellaris mods for plenty of ways to enhance your game even further if you’re taking the plunge. We’ve also got more of the best 4X games to explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate to your heart’s content.

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