How to get Owlux in Core Keeper


The Paws & Claws update is the perfect addition to Core Keeper, adding a new level of excitement and immersion to the already captivating gameplay. With the introduction of animal companions and a new sub-biome, players can look forward to hours of gameplay and exploration. If you need help figuring out how to get the Owlux in Core Keeper, we have a detailed guide!

How to get Owlux in Core Keeper

To get the Owlux in Core Keeper, you will need to obtain a Lively Egg, which have a chance to drop in Ancient and Wooden Crates found throughout the world. The Lively Egg can then be placed into the Incubator to transform into a Cracked Lively Egg, which will give you the Owlux companion. The Lively Egg is described as a “mysterious, feathered egg.”

Per the Wiki, you have between a ~1% and 2% chance of obtaining a Lively Egg through Ancient Crates and Wooden Crates.

The Owlux is described as a, “swift, beaked ally that’s too shy to directly head into battle. But it certainly has your back when weapons clash!” It has passive abilities that buff you by helping to keep an eye on you, but it doesn’t do any offensive damage. It gives you a movement speed and damage buff, which can be useful!

Remember, in order to hatch any of the eggs found in the world, you will need to craft the copper workbench (you can do so at the wood workbench), which was added in this update, so you can then craft the incubator. You will need to be patient before your egg will hatch in your incubator!

As you level up your pet–by taking them into combat with you or by giving it pet candy–you’ll be able to get different perks for your pet. You can roll for different perks or a different combination of perks to get the most out of your companion.

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We hope this guide helped you figure out how to get the Owlux in Core Keeper and add it to your collection of companions! Good luck leveling up your new friend. Check out more Core Keeper coverage.

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