Jedi Survivor’s lightsaber combat massively improves with this mod


Switching between all the Star Wars Jedi Survivor lightsabers can be quite the pain, as you need to constantly go to certain rest points in the action-adventure game to swap out the five available stances and use them. That’s all changing in Star Wars Jedi Survivor with this mod though, which makes it much easier to switch between stances on the fly, thus improving the game massively.

I actually talked about how the lightsaber stances limit the combat in my Star Wars Jedi Survivor review, as Respawn has to make sure every combat encounter works with all five stances because you can only equip two at a time.

I also found myself getting into a comfortable groove with my two favourites – blaster and dual blades – instead of experimenting, but having all five at once with this mod would at least have me more actively switching between Jedi Survivor lightsaber stances.

Basically, your left stance will need to always be the single blade, but then you’ll be able to cycle through the other four in the right stance slot on the fly, meaning you don’t need to visit a workbench or meditation spot.

While this doesn’t exactly fix every encounter, being able to swap between each of the five stances mid-combat is sure to feel absolutely amazing – it’s also sure to help you best combat certain enemies if you’re now in Jedi Survivor New Game Plus, as you’ll need all the help you can get.

You can check out the Jedi Survivor mod, from creator R457, in the video below.

So once you’ve got the brand new crossguard and blaster lightsaber stances you can mix them up while on the move in Jedi Survivor, which is sure to elevate your experience.

There are plenty of in-depth descriptions for installing the Jedi Survivor mod, so be sure to check them out before diving in. You might also come across this incredibly bizarre secret encounter while exploring in Jedi Survivor, and having all five stances on hand is sure to help you deal with it.

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