Minecraft 1.20 is finally here, kind of


Minecraft 1.20 is one step closer as the first prerelease for the Mojang building game goes live, and the developer confirms it is now focusing on bug fixes and performance improvements only. Ahead of the full Minecraft 1.20 release date, this means you can test out every new feature coming to Minecraft Trails and Tales, including fresh biomes, archeology, and, erm, camels. It just might not be in the full, working order that you get on the actual launch day.

We’ve been expecting Minecraft 1.20 for a while now, with the update’s new features being teased across various snapshots over the last few months. The latest update from Mojang however, which pushes 1.20 into the prerelease phases, means the new version of Minecraft is now locked in features wise, and it’s only bug fixes and performance issues that remain to be addressed. This means you can jump in and try out 1.20 – alongside some of the best Minecraft seeds – right now.

Launching the prerelease, Mojang has made some slight adjustments to Minecraft, including fixing a series of bugs from all the way back in 2012 and 2013, and adding some new damage types for when you stray outside the world map’s borders.

These small iterations represent some of the finishing touches being added to 1.20, which you can access now by going to the Minecraft launcher, and enabling ‘snapshots’ in the installations tab. You should see a listing for the 1.20 prerelease.

With Minecraft 1.20 practically here, and the full, refined version surely imminent now, check out some of the best Minecraft mods to keep the builder feeling alive. We can also help you find all the best locations for Minecraft diamond, and also get the best Minecraft skins to keep you looking slick.

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