How to get Diablo 4 Server Slam rewards


Want to know how to get all the Diablo 4 Server Slam rewards? It’s nearly time for the final beta test before the doors of hell spring open permanently, unleashing Lilith’s demonic forces and influence upon the unsuspecting world of Sanctuary. If you wish to drive them back with style, this is your last chance to get these exclusive items.

Since you only have a limited amount of time to play the RPG game before release, you should consult our Diablo 4 Server Slam start time guide to prepare for your sprint towards the maximum level, then check out our Diablo 4 Ashava world boss guide to learn what times this monster appears in the overworld. Thankfully, it doesn’t matter which of the five Diablo 4 classes you pick, but you will have to sprint through the beta content to stand a chance at collecting all the Diablo 4 Server Slam rewards.

Diablo 4 Server Slam rewards

There are a total of four Diablo 4 Server Slam rewards available to all players. The Diablo 4 Server Slam rewards are:

  • Cry of Ashava Mount trophy
  • Initial Casualty title
  • Early Voyager title
  • Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic item

This includes the three open beta rewards, so if you missed out on getting them last time, you’ll be able to earn them during the Server Slam weekend.

How to earn the Cry of Ashava mount trophy

Simply defeat the world boss Ashava with one level 20 character to earn this exclusive mount trophy for Diablo 4. The trophy is only available throughout the Server Slam weekend, so be quick.

How to earn the Initial Casualty title

To earn this limited-time only title in-game, reach the area of Kyovashad with one character. The title will carry over into the release of the main game, so earn it now to keep it forever.

How to earn the Early Voyager title and Beta Wolf Pack cosmetics

Reaching level 20 on any of your characters will earn you the exclusive title and wolf cosmetic pack, which will transfer to the Diablo 4 release date.

If you run into any issues this weekend, you can try looking at our list of Diablo 4 error codes to see what the problem is. We also have a Diablo 4 system requirements guide in case the problem is hardware-related, and you wish to resolve it before the Diablo 4 release date. If you manage to get in, we have the best Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, and Sorcerer builds to help you get to level 20 in no time.

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