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Horses are a fun part of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom as you’re able to catch and tame wild horses, bond with them, and keep them in stables. Much like in Breath of the Wild, there are over a dozen stables that you can use, so there is always one not too far away, but you might be looking for a specific one. If you need a map with all the TotK Stable Locations, we have you covered!

TotK Stable Locations & Map

The TotK Stable Locations are marked on the map below, which will help you better navigate to them depending on where you’re starting from, but here is a list of all known stables and their approximate location:

  • Snowfield Stable (east of Hebra)
  • Tabantha Bridge Stable (south of Hebra, west of Central Hyrule)
  • Gerudo Canyon Stable (northeast of Gerudo)
  • Outskirt Stable (southwest of Hyrule Field)
  • New Serenne Stable (northwest of Hyrule Field, northeast of Hyrule Ridge)
  • Riverside Stable (south of Central Hyrule)
  • Highland Stable (central Faron)
  • Lakeside Stable (east of Faron)
  • Dueling Peaks Stable (central Necluda)
  • Woodland Stable (northeast of Central Hyrule)
  • Foothill Stable (north of Lanayru)
  • South Akkala Stable (south of Akkala)
  • East Akkala Stable (east of Akkala)
  • Wetland Stable (west of Lanayru)
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If you haven’t yet tamed a horse, all you need to do is use the left stick to crouch so that you can approach a wild horse from behind, then press A when you are close to it. As the wild horse bucks in response, you’ll need to press L to tame it. You can find wild horses near Whistling Hill, Yamiyo Shrine, and Lookout Landing.

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Example of Shrine Symbol, Image via Nintendo

Once you’ve tamed your horse, make sure you give it food (apples are a good food to give them) or press L while riding one.

We hope our guide to TotK Stable Locations has helped you figure out where you need to go to get a horse or stable one! Check out more of our Tears of the Kingdom coverage.

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