Don’t worry, the Necromancer in Diablo 4 is getting fixed


Diablo 4 Necromancer buffs are on the way, as Blizzard has heard your feedback about the skeleton summons and how they’ve been severely nerfed since the first beta for this weekend’s Server Slam in the upcoming RPG game. So if you’ve been playing as the Diablo 4 Necromancer alone or with friends don’t worry, Blizzard knows they may have swung too far one way and they’re looking to rectify that for the full Diablo 4 release.

Those of us that have been playing the Server Slam and searching for the best Diablo 4 Necromancer build have noticed that since the first beta the skeletons summoned by the class have been severely nerfed. While I remember my skeleton army easily cutting through Sanctuary in the beta, Blizzard appears to have gone too far the other way – don’t worry though, it’s quite literally being fixed as we speak.

“Definitely hearing the feedback on the Necro nerfs,” Diablo GM Rod Fergusson says. “ I’m feeling ’em too. Remember, balance is a journey, not a destination – it takes tweaking to get it right.”

If you’ve been frustrated by the low skeleton summon health for the Necromancer class, we at PCGamesN found that normal world encounters while using the skeletons played out fine, with the larger hard-hitting, single-target bosses being where the struggles arose. Even so, you should familiarise yourself with all the Diablo 4 classes ahead of launch, to help you best while exploring Sanctuary.

That’s not all though, as before the Diablo 4 Sever Slam end time you should see actionable changes to the Necromancer and their army of skeletons, as outlined in a recent forum community post.

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“The team has just deployed a hotfix for the Diablo 4 Server Slam that will be addressing some of the feedback we’ve seen regarding Necromancer pets and their survivability,” it says. “This is a backend change so users will not need to download a new update. The hotfix will take a few hours to deploy to all users.”

So while you’ve got a few hours left to check out the buffed Necromancer, we’ve also got the location and strategy for the best Diablo 4 loot farm in the Server Slam, with this buff sure to come in handy. In fact, you’ll want to try and take on the Diablo 4 Ashava world boss now as well if you haven’t already, for the bragging rights alone if nothing else.

While you’re chipping away before the end of the Sever Slam our Diablo 4 tips and tricks are sure to help you out, while we’ve also done a complete breakdown of the Diablo 4 renown system, if it’s confusing you at all.

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