How to Get Cece Hat TotK – Zelda Tears of the Kingdom


There are numerous Side Adventures to check out and complete in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. There is a series of quests that can be completed in Hateno Village, which have a coveted reward! If you need help on how to get Cece Hat in TotK, we have a detailed guide that will walk you through it!

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How to Get Cece Hat TotK – Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

To get the Cece Hat in TotK (Tears of the Kingdom), you will need to complete six different quests, which starts with “Team Cece or Team Reede?” in Hateno Village, which is east of West Necluda or southwest of Mount Lanayru.

How To Get Cece Hat Team Cece Or Team Reede Image
Team Cece or Team Reede? Start Location, Image via Map Genie

This is a Side Adventure that starts by speaking to the NPC Sophie, who is found outside of the Ventest Clothing Boutique. You will then go inside the boutique and speak with Cece. She tasks you with giving mushrooms to villagers in order to sway their vote towards her in the Mayoral Election. You will look for villagers that do not have hats or clothing with mushrooms on them, which indicates they are not Cece supporters. There are eight NPCs that you have to find, and this is a list of their names:

  • Dantz (Hateno Pasture)
  • Koyin (dock by Lake Sumac, near Hateno Pasture)
  • Leop (Wanders, check Inn or in shops)
  • Medda (Hateno School)
  • Tamana (Hylian Tomato Field)
  • Tokk (Ancient Research Lab)
  • Uma (Wanders, check Inn or shops)
  • Worten (Inn)
How To Get Cece Hat Team Cece Or Team Reede 2 Image
Ventest Clothing Boutique Location, Hateno Village. Image via Map Genie.

When you are giving mushrooms out for Cece, you’ll also be able to get the side adventure A Letter for Koyin, which requires you to retrieve a message in a bottle for her; the reward she gives you is what you’ll need for A New Signature Food. After going back to Cece, you will unlock three more Side Adventures by speaking to Sophie, Cece’s sister found in the corner of the shop: Cece’s Secret, Reede’s Secret, and A New Signature Food.

To complete Cece’s Secret, you’ll need to follow Cece as she sneaks out of her house each night. The quest text advises you to stay out of her sight as she is on alert. You will follow her for some time, learn her secret, and then return to Sophie.

To complete Reede’s Secret, you’ll need to speak to his wife, Clavia (she roams the village and is in her home), who asks you to investigate the shed he shuts himself in. You will need to do this during the day when he is not there. Because it is locked, you will need to go down a nearby well and traverse underground, then ascend through where the shed is to enter it. Then return to Clavia and let her know what you found.

To complete A New Signature Food Side Adventure, you’ll go to Mayor Reede’s home. Since you will have already spoken to Koyin, you will have the Hateno Cheese, which is what the Mayor remembered.

After you’ve completed those Side Adventures, you’ll need to speak to Cece again and get quest The Mayoral Election, where you’ll speak with Sophie, enjoy a long cut-scene, and then you’ll find out the outcome of the election. You will then go back to Ventest Clothing for a reward, which is the Cece Hat, described as “an avant-garde masterpiece designed by Cece. Guaranteed to make the fashionistas’ heads turn.”

We hope our guide to how to get the Cece Hat in TotK has helped you obtain this avant-garde accessory! Check out more of our Tears of the Kingdom coverage.

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