How to Unlock the Map in Tears of the Kingdom


Clearing away the fog on your map makes navigating the vast world of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom a little easier! It may take some effort to fully unlock the map of the world, but you can go through it in a methodical way that corresponds with the areas that the main questline will take you. If you need help on how to unlock the map in Tears of the Kingdom, we have a guide for you!

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How to Unlock the Map in Tears of the Kingdom

To unlock the map in Tears of the Kingdom, you will need to activate Sky Towers. We recommend working through the main story line quest “Crisis at Hyrule Castle,” which unlocks the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower. When you unlock a Skyview Tower, you will clear away the fog for both the surface map and the sky map.

There are over a dozen Skyview Towers that you’ll need to find and activate, and there are some towers that are easier to access and utilize than others. For reference, we have marked all known Skyview Towers on the map below, but we have detailed coordinate locations on our TotK Skyview Tower Locations guide.

We would recommend unlocking the Lookout Landing and Hyrule Field Skyview Towers first, then working your way northwest to northeast as you complete more of the game’s main storyline.

Tears of the Kingdom Skyview Towers Map

All of the Tears of the Kingdom Skyview Tower locations are marked on the map below so you can easily get to the one in the area you’re currently in!

Totk Skyview Tower Locations Image
Skyview Tower Locations / Image via Map Genie

How to Unlock Underground / The Depths Map in Tears of the Kingdom

To unlock the underground map, which is officially the Depths, you’ll need to enter any chasm and activate Lightroots. These are scattered throughout the Depths (there are over 100), and these will also create fast travel points. For example, as you’re traversing Hyrule Field, you can find its Chasm Pit near the Jiosin Shrine.

Tears of the Kingdom Chasm Entrances Map

There are over 30 different chasm entrances that will take you down into the Depths so that you can explore underground. The ones nearest to Hyrule Field will be the most accessible early on in the game, but you will need to have a Paraglider at a minimum.

Totk Chasm Entrance Locations Image
Chasm Entrances / Image via Map Genie

Tears of the Kingdom Lightroots Map

Once you’ve entered one of the chasms, you can explore the Depths. There are over a 100 Lightroots to examine, and when you do so, you’ll create fast travel points to use in the future. You pretty much can’t miss them given they are littered all over the place!

Tears Of The Kingdom Lightroots Map Image
Tears of the Kingdom Chasm Entrances MapLightroots / Image via Map Genie

We hope our guide on how to unlock the map in Tears of the Kingdom helped you unfog your map with ease! Check out more of our Tears of the Kingdom coverage.

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