TotK Great Fairy Locations & Map – All Great Fairies in Tears of the Kingdom


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The Great Fairy is essential for upgrading your armor while playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. There are four Great Fairy Fountains to unlock and utilize throughout the game, so if you need a map with all the TotK Great Fairy Locations, we have you covered!

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TotK Great Fairy Locations & Map

The TotK Great Fairy Locations are marked on the map below, which will help you better navigate to them depending on where you’re starting from, but here is a list of all known Great Fairy locations. We have also included the side adventures you will need to complete to unlock their fountain!

Note: You will need to complete the Potential Princess Sightings side adventure for all of the Great Fairies, plus the ones we have listed that are specific by fairy.

  • Great Fairy Cotera Fountain – must complete Honey Bee Mine and Serenade to Cotera; located in West Necluda
  • Great Fairy Kaysa Fountain – must complete The Flute Player’s Plan, and Serenade to Kaysa; located southwest of Hyrule Field
  • Great Fairy Mija Fountain – must complete The Hornist’s Dramatic Escape, Serenade to Mija; located northwest of Great Hyrule Forest)
  • Great Fairy Tera Fountain – Serenade to a Great Fairy; located southeast of Great Hyrule Forest

TotK Great Fairy Locations & Map

The Tears of the Kingdom Great Fairy locations are marked on the map below so you can easily get to the one in the area you’re currently in!

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You will need to unlock each Great Fairy in order to be able to upgrade your armor to maximum amount. Each time you unlock a Great Fairy, you’re able to upgrade your armor one additional level.

We hope our guide to TotK Great Fairy Locations has helped you figure out where you need to go to get a horse or stable one! Check out more of our Tears of the Kingdom coverage.

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