This Destiny 2 finisher can do bonkers damage, so get it while you can


A Destiny 2 finisher called Give ‘Em the Chair is debuffing enemies in a wild way in the FPS game when paired with the Felwinter’s Helm Exotic helmet. While it’s quite a trick to pull off, the effects are nothing short of hilarious in Destiny 2, as shown in a video posted to Reddit by user StrikingMechanism.

Give ‘Em the Chair has a hilarious knockback animation, sending enemies shooting backwards. Usually, this would just be a fun visual. However, some players quickly figured out that pairing it with Felwinter’s Helm, a Warlock Exotic helmet, means that enemy debuffs from the armor piece transfer to wherever the enemy lands, whether near an enemy horde or a single powerful boss.

Felwinter’s Helm causes powered melee final blows to create a burst of energy, weakening nearby targets. However, finishers increase the radius of the burst and the length of the weakening effect, and its effectiveness is contingent upon the rank of the enemy finished.

This, paired with the chair emote, means skilled players can effectively time their finishers to substantially increase the area to which the debuffs will apply. says the Exotic helmet disorients and weakens targets in a radius around the enemy’s death location, which increases damage to the enemy by a whopping 30%. Finishers to the most powerful enemies causing a 20-second debuff through a radius of 25 in-game meters.

Therefore, the chair’s effect seems to change the position of the enemy’s death by knocking them back, allowing players to do damage over an extremely far distance for a massive area of effect for the debuffs.

This Destiny 2 finisher can do bonkers damage, so get while you can: The Destiny 2 Give 'Em the Chair finisher.

While it may not be that practical in practice, it’s still hilarious to see, plus the finisher is funny on its own. Players who want to grab it can pick it up from Eververse for 800 Bright Dust through the Destiny 2 Guardian Games event tab. This means players can expect it to remain in the game through May 23.

With Destiny 2 season 21 just a few weeks away, there’s still some time to get your hands on all the Destiny 2 Lightfall Exotics before the new season, where players can expect to return to Titan for the first time since the multiplayer game‘s developers vaulted the destination several years ago.

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