Metal band Ghost just announced its own game, seriously


I’m trying to keep calm here, but Ghost – yes, the metal band – has teased its own videogame, Escape the Ministry. Set in the hallowed halls of the band’s satanic church, much of the puzzle game will be familiar to fans of the metal titans and their long-running lore video series, with fan-favorite Papa Emeritus IV, affectionately known as ‘C’, presumably taking place as our protagonist.

The 30-second teaser reveals little about the game, other than that you will have the chance to “explore the ministry” and “solve the mystery”, but we are expecting a short, escape room style game. In an audio clip straight from chapter 16 of Ghost lore, we hear Copi, the current Papa, pick up the phone to Sister Imperator, suggesting both will play their part in the story.

Otherwise, we see a bust of the late Papa III, a secret door, and a clue on a post-it note – but little else. Whether this will be a survival game of sorts remains to be seen, but with the band’s satanic association, we certainly hope there’s something a little spooky to experience.

The game is being released to coincide with the band’s latest album release, Phantomime, which features covers of the likes of Iron Maiden and even Tina Turner. The Escape the Ministry release date is May 19, 2023, the same as Phantomime, and you are urged to visit to play. The site currently redirects to a website hosting service.

While the game is little more than a marketing tool, we’re pretty excited to see Ghost branching out in its gaming era – I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Ghost to appear in the next Metal Hellsinger DLC now. If you want to know more about the band’s long and increasingly complex backstory, take the opportunity to watch the 17 chapters of its lore on the Ghost YouTube channel before Escape the Ministry is released.

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