The Diablo 4 Demon ‘Meat’ Shake is bloody disgusting


A Diablo 4 Demon ‘Meat’ Shake will make its way to about 1,000 fans throughout New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago as part of a Diablo 4 social media stunt sure to be as much of a bloodbath as the product’s name implies. We had the chance to try this 100% vegan “Butcher’s Special,” a nickname inspired by the return of the character of the same name in the forthcoming installment of the RPG series, and, let us tell you — nothing could have prepared us for how texturally revolting this thing is… which seems to be precisely the point.

It’s worth noting that when my friend invited me to the taste test, I had no information about what I was getting into except a warning not to “push the straw too hard into the brain,” which implied I was about to witness a lobotomy. The reddish-brown drink concoction is a mix of liquid and jelly and is part of a collaboration between production studio B-Reel creative agency and Bompa & Parr, which dubs itself a “fully fledged creative studio offering food and drink design.” If any of this sounds appetizing to you, allow me to express grave concern for your welfare.

Over the years, Blizzard has clearly made the connection that many serious gamers also have a penchant for junk food. The company recently partnered with KFC to grant Diablo 4 beta access to anyone willing to spend money on a Double Down, which is essentially a food monstrosity amounting to a fistful of fried chicken. And while we don’t have a clue how many people scarfed Double Downs specifically for a Diablo 4 beta code, it was apparently enough for Blizzard to want to attempt another food-based Diablo 4 promotion.

Inspiration for the shake comes from the piles of slaughtered demons Diablo 4 players have amassed throughout the betas and will continue to amass in the future. Rather than letting those remains rot, the thinking goes, let’s throw ’em in a blender and pair ’em with a side of fries.

The Diablo 4 Demon 'Meat' Shake is bloody disgusting: Close-up on the Demon 'Meat' Shake and the contents of the packaging.

Notably, it contains no actual blood, brains, demons, or even any byproducts from any sort of living or undead entity, even though it purports to contain a mix of ingredients like “unfiltered fallen blood” and “grinded goatman heels.” In reality, it’s primarily a sugary jello composition with a flavor I can only describe as “red,” like the hard outer shell of a candy apple.

It would be unfair to dunk on it just because it’s overly sweet, leaving your mouth with the same feeling you got as a kid when Bobby down the street dared you to eat an entire pack of Skittles in ten seconds. There are lots of people who might find something like this appealing, regardless of how unwell I personally assume them to be. But, with the Diablo 4 Demon Meat Shake, the team does an excellent job of creating a texture that actually feels like you’re drinking someone’s sliced-up internal organs, eliciting an incredibly unsettling as you slurp it down through a boba straw.

The Diablo 4 Demon 'Meat' Shake is bloody disgusting: Images of the Demon 'Meat' Shake kit.

You, too, can subject yourself to this criminal act of culinary treason, though the offer is only available to about 1,000 people ordering in the New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago areas. So, if you’re in one of those cities and making questionable choices is your jam, go ahead and tweet @Diablo with the #DemonMeatShake and #DiabloPromo hashtags and try your luck on May 19.

The kit also comes with a red branded glove; and a sticker, which, while perhaps not the loot that you deserve for gulping down this shake, serves as a reminder of your sacrifice to Lilith – not that you’ll ever forget the taste of this thing, I’m sure.

And, while this entire thing is obviously designed to inspire Tweet interactions, YouTube reaction videos, Instagram posts, TikToks, and articles just like this one, we do have to appreciate the time and effort that went into a shake that’s somehow even more disgusting than its title would imply.

The Diablo 4 Demon 'Meat' Shake is bloody disgusting: The 'ingredient' list and an image of our writer's reaction.

Still, it’s a fun gimmick, and I got a free vegan drink out of the deal, so I’m not here to complain. Is it worth spending time and energy trying to get one of your own? Sure, if you’re a sugar-fiending monster Diablo 4 fan who doesn’t have a few bucks to spend on a shake, you may actually enjoy. If you’re still interested, you can find more details and a teaser video via the Diablo Twitter account.

In any case, if you’re planning to jump into Diablo 4 — and we sure as hell are — you won’t want to miss our Diablo 4 release date guide or our Diablo 4 battle pass guide to see what’s coming when the multiplayer game releases in just a few weeks.

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