Microsoft takes over your screen in latest Windows 11 upgrade ploy


Three things are certain in this life: death, taxes, and a relentless barrage of reminders to upgrade your operating system. Microsoft is once again asking you to download Windows 11, with the resigned air of a weary parent reminding an errant child to eat their broccoli.

It’s fair to say the move from Windows 10 hasn’t been plain sailing, especially for gamers. A litany of bugs has frustrated those taking the plunge into Microsoft’s latest OS, including a Windows 11 update which froze AMD CPUs and a Windows 11 22H2 update causing bad GPU performance.

But that hasn’t deterred Microsoft from encouraging everyone to migrate to their new software. The latest attempt is more obnoxious than most, with users reporting an intrusive full-page advert for Windows 11 appearing when they turn on their machines (via Windows Latest).

Image credit: Windows Latest

This ad thwarts any attempt from the user to minimize or ignore the company’s kind offer, instead scrolling through several pages of Windows 11’s features, such as “a more user-friendly interface, enhanced security features, improved performance, and increased productivity.” Microsoft also highlights its offer to gamers, boasting top-notch graphics and an unparalleled range of titles available.

But what if we gamers don’t want to eat our broccoli? Well, tough. Windows 10 support will end in 2025, meaning it won’t be long now until the operating system is effectively retired. There are, of course, a fair few upsides to adopting the latest OS, and a Windows 11 Steam Deck tease seems like Microsoft plans to introduce full handheld support.

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