System Shock is already on sale, but you better act fast


Some of my favorite games have been inspired by System Shock, from RPGs like BioShock to Dishonored. Its influence is hard to grasp, especially as the gaming industry continues to evolve with such iconic titles falling out of popularity. Thankfully, Nightdive Studios has taken the reins on the 1994 masterpiece and is heading a remastered edition of the FPS game. If you want to experience the reworked foundation of many beloved newer games, you can grab it during this System Shock Remastered sale for a limited time.

While the remastered edition of System Shock has faced its fair share of delays, from an original intended release date set in March to the subsequent one in April, it seems that Niightdive Studios has finally set its drop in stone. System Shock Remastered is scheduled for release on May 30, and is available for preorder on Steam.

Nightdive Studios has dipped its hands into the realm of remakes before, with titles such as Blade Runner Enhanced Edition, Doom 64, and Quake. With their extensive reputation, the System Shock rework is certain to be at the very least charming with its vibrant cyberpunk aesthetic.

If you want to save on System Shock before its even out, be sure to grab it on Fanatical for 15% off, dropping the price down down to a more comfortable $33.99 (£29.74). 

The sale is set to end at the end of next week, so it won’t be discounted for too long. If you preorder it on Fanatical, you will also gain access to System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition for free once it’s released.

I am personally excited to dive into a game that I never got to experience in its golden era, especially as an avid fan of BioShock myself. To gain access to a bit of what has inspired some of my favorite games in a more accessible, modern way is one of the hallmarks of contemporary gaming for me.

If you are awaiting the release date for System Shock, be sure to have a look around some of our other favorite space games while you wait. You can also browse through some of our top picks for open-world games if you need an immersive experience to lose your impatience within.

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