This meteor-filled Cities Skylines build is impressively chaotic


Can you build the perfect Cities Skylines town while being barraged by non-stop meteors? That’s the question one YouTuber and master of one of the best city-building games on Steam has tried to answer. With the Cities Skylines 2 release date still a while off, what better way than to push the limits with some Cities Skylines challenges like this?

YouTube builder Real Civil Engineer puts his real-world credentials to the test by attempting to construct a fully-functioning city alongside a river, while meteors come crashing down on his settlement every ten minutes.

Things get off to perhaps the worst start possible – the meteor severity and position are determined by chance, and the first salvo lands almost square on top of his starting residential and commercial zones, completely devastating over half of his active city and forcing major repairs to the one bridge acting as the main inroad into town.

To avoid future issues, he decides to continue his build out in more of a wide circular format, but subsequent impacts force him to rebuild roads curving around the craters. He does take the opportunity to use one of the holes to build a nice little cul-de-sac, which looks lovely – although I’d be concerned about potential flooding in the future.

Towards the end, Real Civil Engineer ramps up the meteor severity to its maximum levels, which causes much more widespread devastation than he initially anticipates. This means even large chunks of his pre-emptively widespread building are left devastated, including that rather lovely sunken suburb I mentioned earlier. Who said lightning (or meteors) can’t strike the same place twice?

Despite the setbacks it does seem like, if you’re fast enough with your construction and smart about your placements, you can in fact build a decent town while under constant bombardment from above. I’m still not sure I’d take the chance of moving in there, however.

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