The time travel mod that’s basically Portal 3 now has co-op


Portal Reloaded co-op is here, as the astounding Portal 2 mod that introduces a time travel portal to the Valve puzzle game gets an update years down the line. While Portal 3 feels as far off as a gateway miraculously shot all the way to the moon, this is absolutely, without a doubt, the next best thing – with a full release this summer and playtests now, you need to play this game.

Portal Reloaded is easily one of the best free fan-made DLCs ever, and I’d wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone that wants a much bigger challenge from Valve’s Portal 2.

In short, it already added 25 new puzzles, voice lines, and a third green time travel portal. This does make the classic much, much harder mind you as it becomes quickly apparent that thinking in the fourth dimension can easily melt your brain, but it’s definitely worth trying.

Now Portal’s come full circle, as this fan-made mod is probably the closest thing we’ll ever get to Portal 3, as creator Jannis Brinkmann is basically giving us the same package of Portal 2’s single-player and co-op modes but with entirely new mechanics and puzzles.

Valve is working on a semi-secret project that could be Portal 3, and a writer on Portal, Half-Life, and Left 4 Dead hopes Valve will make “a 3 of something” one day, so here’s hoping it’s Portal.

The Portal Reloaded cooperative update will include 20 new puzzles for Atlas and P-body, with one character in charge of space portals, and the other in charge of the time portal. Pulling the scale back like this is smart, as I’d imagine giving each player the two space portals and a time portal each is not only chaotic but also mind-bending and difficult to design good puzzles for.

Portal Reloaded: The Cooperative Update is going fully live this summer, but you can actually test it out on the public testing branch of Portal Reloaded on Steam right now.

Just right-click Portal Reloaded on Steam once it’s installed, navigate to Betas, and then select “beta – public testing branch.” Be sure to give Brinkmann constructive feedback where possible, so the update can launch in as great a state as possible.

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In fact, if you end up struggling there’s a full playthrough of the cooperative update you can watch on the creation’s official YouTube (including one for the base game too), so you can check it all out for yourself above.

While I implore you to check out both the single-player and co-op portions of Portal Reloaded perhaps you’ll want even more of the best co-op games on PC, or you can check in on the Portal RTX system requirements if you want to revisit where it all began with vastly improved visuals.

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