How to get Ironsing in Deepwoken


In the world of Roblox Deepwoken, Ironsing stands out as a unique attunement, frequently favored by Blacksmiths amongst the Luminents. Centered on the manipulation of metal, Ironsing paves the way to an array of exciting abilities and upgrades. Let’s delve into how you can acquire this attunement.

How to get Ironsing in Deepwoken

The journey to unlocking Ironsing in Deepwoken begins with acquiring a Pluripotent Alloy. Once you’ve got your hands on this valuable item, you need to engage with the blacksmith located at Miner’s Landing. This blacksmith, upon hearing about your Pluripotent Alloy, directs you to a friend of his residing on the second bridge of the Ignition Union Base, also in Miner’s Landing.

This friend, the trainer for Ironsing, tasks you with finding six different types of ores – Umbrite, Iron, Gold, Erisore, Irithine, and Astruline. After delivering these ores to him, he rewards you with an Alloyed Elixir. Drinking this elixir leads to the unlocking of Ironsing.

Obtaining Pluripotent Alloy

This valuable alloy can be procured through several methods, including killing a boss for the first time (per character, provided you’ve contributed sufficient damage), finding one in a boss’s chest, an arena chest, or receiving an alloyed weapon from a chest (although this is a rare occurrence). Bosses known to drop Pluripotent Alloys include Duke Erisia, Primadon, The Ferryman, Dread Serpent, and occasionally, the Chaser.

Gathering Required Ores

The required ores for the Alloyed Elixir can be found in various locations. Iron, Gold, and Astruline can be mined at the Songseeker Caves, while Umbrite is exclusive to The Depths. Erisore is located near the open entrance of The Hidden Village in Upper Erisia, inside the Tomb of the Nameless Warrior, and The Entropy Catalyst. Irithine, on the other hand, can be discovered in the Reservoir Cave, situated under the Burning Stone Gardens.

If you’re having trouble locating the trainer or with some of the steps, check out this video:

Ironsing Mantras (Abilities)

Once you’ve unlocked Ironsing, a whole suite of abilities becomes accessible.

  • Metal Kick: A potent kick infused with metal, dealing medium damage and causing knockdown.
  • Metal Eruption: A burst of metal spikes that deals high damage and causes a posture break if hit with more than three spikes.
  • Metal Gatling: A barrage of metallic rods that deals high damage. The number of rods depends on hits.
  • Iron Skin: Coating your skin with metal reduces harm by negating 75% of damage taken during the mantra’s use.
  • Metal Rain: Rain down metal rods to deal high damage. The number of rods depends on hits.
  • Metal Armament: Summons a metal blade to fight alongside you, dealing damage equivalent to a regular attack.
  • Metal Rampant: Forms a medium-sized pillar at the user location that propels the user upwards.
  • Metal Ball: Transforms the player into a metal ball rushing forward, dealing light damage and causing a brief knockdown.
  • Firing Line: Creates a line of metal to target enemies.

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