Aether Gazer Reroll Guide: How To Reroll


Aether Gazer, set in a future where humanity has been forced to transfer their consciousness into an AI called Gaea due to a war-ravaged Earth, offers a thrilling gaming experience. In this unique digital landscape, divided into ten Sephirah zones, each teeming with unique cultures and ideologies, players combat the menacing Visbanes to safeguard humanity’s utopia, Idealbild. Harness the unique abilities of each character, build powerful combos, and customize your squad to make the most of Modifiers. But to assemble a strong team, you’ll need to master the art of rerolling. Here’s your comprehensive guide to rerolling in Aether Gazer.

Rerolling allows you to optimize the use of initial resources to acquire powerful characters right off the bat. This strategy is especially useful in Aether Gazer where having top-tier characters such as S Okuninushi, S Poseidon, or S Asura could significantly enhance your gaming experience.

Step-By-Step Aether Gazer Rerolling Guide

In Aether Gazer’s global version, guest accounts automatically bind to your email, making traditional rerolling challenging. However, using salted emails can solve this. If your email is [email protected], use variations like [email protected], [email protected], and so forth for rerolling.

Step 1: Log In Using a Salted Email

Go to the login screen, click on ‘Email’ and enter your salted email. Add the verification code, accept the terms of service, and create your account. Choose a username to proceed.

Step 2: Complete the Initial Stages

Speed through the storyline, focusing on completing chapters 1 and 2.

Step 3: Claim Your Rewards

Claim all the achievements, daily and story mission rewards, story completion rewards, and newcomer event rewards you’ve earned. Visit the Shop and the Supply Zone to claim your free packs.

Step 4: Make Your Pulls

After claiming your rewards, you should have enough resources for 10 pulls on Tsukuyomi’s banner. Post this, you’ll be able to make 40 pulls on the Asura Banner. Remember, you can aim for S Poseidon or S Asura from the beginner banner if S Tsukuyomi’s ten pulls seem insufficient.

Step 5: Assess Your Pulls

Once you’ve completed the pulls, evaluate the characters you’ve obtained. If you’re not satisfied, it’s time to reroll.

Step 6: Switch Accounts for Rerolling

Go to Profile > User Center > Switch Account. Here, remove the current account and prepare to reroll using a new salted email.

If you got confused along the way, check out the video guide to see where you got lost:

Rerolling is a powerful strategy to assemble a formidable team early in Aether Gazer. With a firm grasp of the salted email technique and a comprehensive understanding of the rerolling process, you’re ready to dive back into the battle against the Visbanes and strive towards building the perfect Idealbild. Good luck, and may your rerolls be ever in your favor!

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