Stardew Valley character creator will have you changing profile pics


ConcernedApe’s iconic farming game, Stardew Valley, has only gotten more popular over time. Inspiring a variety of content creators and modders globally, there is no shortage of fan-made creations about and for Stardew Valley to be found online. The artist behind the one of the game’s most beloved mods has recently come forward to release yet another banger, this time in the form of a Stardew Valley character creator.

When you speak to any of us hardcore Stardew stans, we are sure to bring up the Stardew Valley Expanded mod at some point or another. From its insane amount of content to the sheer beauty it adds to the base game, it definitely stands out as number one on my list of download recommendations to any prospective player.

The beauty of simulation games like Stardew Valley does not lie only within its accessibility or its coziness, but also the opportunity for player creativity it provides. From the character creation to the farm customization, you can do a lot with yourself and your land in-game. An artist behind the fan-favorite Expanded mod teamed up with another developer to let players experience this flow of creativity outside of the game, too.

They achieved this by setting up a user-friendly website in which fans can create and completely customize a Stardew Valley portrait. It functions similarly to the game’s character creator, but users can download their portraits with or without a background to use elsewhere.

You can change your facial features, clothes, various colors, and more! I personally spent a ridiculous amount of time making my portrait in this online take of the Stardew Valley character creator, and am currently using the produced image as my profile picture everywhere. The best part is the versatility. If you want to download it as a PNG, you can use any background you like with the portrait.

If you are yearning for even more wholesome farming content, have a look through some of our favorite Stardew Valley mods for inspiration on how to spice up your gameplay. You can also browse through our interview with a real-life farmer responding to whether or not Stardew Valley is realistic.


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