How to Fish and Get Bait in Destiny 2


In Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep, the familiar terrain of Titan, Saturn’s lost moon, has been overrun with Hive and Taken. In the midst of their exploration into ancient secrets, Guardians have a new activity to participate in – fishing. This guide provides detailed instructions on how to master this fun and rewarding pastime.

How to Fish in Destiny 2

Firstly, players must engage with the story missions at the season’s onset, which should take approximately 45 minutes. After completion, they return to the H.E.L.M., triggering the “Gone Fishing” mission. This takes them to the Tower to converse with Suraya Hawthrone, the Clan Steward, who will give you the Fishing Tackle Container to collect bait into.

Gathering Fishing Supplies: Bait Collection

After acquiring the Fishing Tackle Container, Guardians need to procure bait to catch fish successfully. This can be achieved through various activities including public events, collecting destiny materials, completing seasonal activities, and doing patrols. After participating in these events, Guardians are rewarded with bait.

Launching the Fishing Adventure: Finding the Perfect Spot

The EDZ (European Dead Zone) is a good place to start fishing. Players will spot icons representing fishing spots once they have the necessary quest completed. In the winding Cove area of the EDZ, players can head to the right along the highway to locate a convenient fishing spot.

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Engaging with the Fishing Activity: Catching Fish

Upon reaching the fishing area, Guardians cast their rod into the water and wait for the bobber to disappear beneath the water’s surface. Once it does, they hit the interact button (E on PC), and if their timing is accurate, they reel in a fish. Guardians’ loot improves with their catching precision.

Expanding the Fishing Horizons: Additional Fishing Locations

Apart from the EDZ, Nessus and Savathun’s Throne World offer alternative fishing locations, all denoted by the same icon on the map. These additional locations offer a change of scenery and the opportunity to encounter a variety of fish.

Understanding Fish Types and Catch Locations

According to Triumph records, Guardians can catch 10 Legendary, 14 rare, and 4 Uncommon types of fish. Each fish type can be found in specific locations. Guardians can add the fish they catch to the H.E.L.M’s aquarium, earning rewards based on the rarity of the fish.

While fishing in Destiny 2 is a relaxing and rewarding experience, certain elements might disrupt the process, such as the despawning of the fishing pool during public events. Always stay alert for these situations. Happy fishing, Guardians!

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