Secretlab unleashes Diablo 4 gaming chairs


Posture’s important when plowing your way through hordes of angry demons, whether you’re a brutish Barbarian, crafty Druid, or imperious Sorcerer. Blizzard and Secretlab have teamed up to create a pair of Diablo 4 gaming chairs so you can be sure of ergonomic back support while you’re up to your neck in hellish viscera.

Whether you’re a disciple of the light, or a denizen of darkness, you can recline in style with two distinct versions up for grabs. One is bedecked in white leatherette befitting the High Heavens, and features a design of rogue angel Inarius. Then, for the goths out there, there’s the Lilith edition, with black and blood-red coloring and a touch of suede.

Based on the praise in our Secretlab Titan Evo review, these Diablo 4 gaming chairs should be “supremely comfortable” and easily rank among the top seats around.

We don’t yet know how much these chairs will set you back, but can take an educated guess at around $499 or more, as that’s what  other special editions go for. We’re also unsure when the chairs are available to buy, as all you can click right now is the somewhat ineffectual ‘register interest’ button. The announcement post says “fans who order now will receive their chair in time for the launch of Diablo 4”, so it can’t be long ‘til they go live.

Diablo 4 itself should be with us on June 6. If you need some pointers before you head out into the brutal world of Sanctuary, check out our Diablo 4 classes guide, and ensure your rig can handle a screenful of demon blood and guts with Diablo 4 system requirements.

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