Marathon will stand on the shoulders of Halo and Destiny, Bungie says


Marathon is back, as Bungie revives its ’90s FPS game as an extraction shooter to rival the likes of Escape From Tarkov. For the curious among us, Bungie has outlined how this new version of Marathon aims to stand on its own, but also come from what the studio has made before with both the Halo and Destiny games.

After Marathon was announced at yesterday’s PlayStation Showcase, Bungie set up a video on the game’s YouTube channel that was designed for “collecting inputs,” with something unlocking when the viewcount got to 7,777.

Now, what Bungie is calling a ViDoc has unlocked, which is a video explaining loads more about Marathon and what you can expect – if you’re a fan of the original Marathon games from the ’90s, this is going to be very different.

In Marathon, you play as what Bungie calls a ‘Runner’ exploring the planet of Tau Ceti IV and trying to find weapons, implants, and equipment to make your character stronger – with an aesthetic that blends classic sci-fi with more cyberpunk musings.

Marathon creative director Steve Cotton also acknowledges how despite the move into the extraction shooter space to rival games like Escape From Tarkov, the team is still stood on the shoulders of what came before.

“You make the best things on the shoulders of giants, and in our case those giants are Halo and Destiny,” Cotton says. “The team’s been leveraging 30 years of experience and innovation and passion to create Marathon.”

Marathon will stand on the shoulders of Halo and Destiny, Bungie says

As an extraction shooter you’ll be running around with a crew of three in Marathon as you explore “persistent zones” where you drop in, look for loot, and extract.

“We’re combining the best of that Bungie touch and feel gameplay, but we’re adding incredible tension and these emotional highs and lows,” executive producer Carrie Gouskos says.

As with other extraction shooters, the idea behind this revival of Marathon is that you’ll be exploring zones for loot with your crew and interacting with other players and creating your own narrative. Perhaps your crew will open the next zone, collect artifacts, and choose to get out alive while you still can.

While we wait to hear more about Marathon you can check out fellow Bungie shooter Destiny with our best Destiny 2 builds, or just which other multiplayer games are worth your time right now, with Marathon potentially joining them.

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