What is the Immense Reflexes Skill in Project Slayers?


Roblox Project Slayers features the Tokito Clan, a Mythic rarity clan that players can join with a mere 1% chance when spinning. A significant feature of this clan is a skill called Immense Reflexes.

Immense Reflexes in Project Slayers is a defense-oriented skill. When activated, the player forms a mist clone of themselves. The value of this skill becomes clear when an attack is landed on the player. Instead of taking damage, they teleport back to their mist clone, completely avoiding harm. Keep in mind, this avoidance of damage can only happen once per each activation of the skill.

Apart from Immense Reflexes, the Tokito Clan also boasts an array of additional skills and bonuses. Indomitable Will is one such skill, where the player exerts their will power onto the opponent, causing varying debuffs, including stamina and breath reduction. Notably, the greater the level difference between the player and their opponent, the more impactful the debuff. It’s important to note that another player can cancel this skill.

The Tokito Clan provides a Faster Stamina Regeneration bonus that accelerates the rate at which a player’s stamina regenerates. The clan also enhances the rate of Breathing Bar regeneration, allowing players to recover their breath more quickly.

The Tokito Clan also enhances player stats, including +3 Sword, +2 Strength, +105 Stamina, +90 Health, and +2 Block Points.

If you need spins for your character, be sure to head over to our Project Slayers Codes page to get some for free. Beyond the skills included in the Tokito Clan, other clans grant additional skills, such as:

  • God Speed: This skill increases player speed, dash strength, and the damage dealt by all Thunder Breathing moves. It also surrounds the player with a cool lightning aura.
  • Regeneration: Enables demons to heal a significant amount of hp quickly at the cost of stamina.
  • Heart Ablaze: Boosts damage and speed, and adds extra burn damage to Flame Breathing moves.
  • Spacial Awareness: Automatically dodges attacks for 10 seconds, allowing for a maximum dodge of 12 m1’s. This move does not work for moves other than m1’s.
  • Furiousity: Increases player damage in proportion to the amount of missing health.
  • Soothing Voice: Forces opponent’s skills into cooldown.
  • Final Resort: Allows players to regain stamina at the expense of their health.

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