Royale High Tidal Glow Halo Answers – Solarix Summer Halo 2023 Reward!


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If you’re hoping to get the halo from Roblox Royale High Summer 2023 event, then you’re going to need to head over to the Fountain of Dreams and make a wish. If you select the answer that has the possibility of giving the Halo, you might get lucky and receive it! We have a look at all the answers that will give you the best opportunity to get that Halo and add it to your collection!

Keep in mind that you can make a wish every 2 hours, so you will have to wait once you’ve made a wish. Make sure to return to the game and wish again after the time is up to give yourself the best chance at getting the Halo!

It is also important to note that some of the responses to these stories can results in the loss of Diamonds. While it is a minimal loss, you still might want to consider whether or not it is worthwhile to continually make wishes!

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Royale High Tidal Glow 2023 Halo Answers

Here’s a table with the various questions you might be asked during the event and the answer options you should consider choosing to increase your chance at getting the Halo. Keep in mind that you are NOT guaranteed to get the Halo, even when you select an option that has the possibility of pulling it. It is entirely random and the Halo is pretty rare compared to the other options.

If you see an answer or story we’re missing, be sure to let us know in the comments at the bottom of the page!

Story Option A Option B Option C Option D
Deciding about scuba gear on Diamond Beach
+XP +Diamonds
Dominic and the missing rescue tube
+HALO +XP +Diamonds
Lady with missing Beauty Pageant stylist
+HALO +Diamonds
+Nothing +XP
Volleyball match
+Nothing +Diamonds
Summer Job
+XP +Nothing +Diamonds
Beach Sea Monster (Valaeria/tmzserena) -Diamonds

How to make a wish in the Fountain of Dreams

Just head to Divinia Park on the map and run all the way down the path until you find the fountain! Just head over to it and click on it to start the wishing process. After you’ve completed your wish, you can check the Missions App on your phone to see when the fountain’s power has regenerated and you can make another wish.

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Those are all of the answers we have found so far for the Summer 2023 event. If you have one that we haven’t added to the list, let us know in the comments! Otherwise, we have all sorts of coverage on the game in the Royale High section of our website!

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