Where to find all Street Fighter 6 World Tour characters


Where are all the Street Fighter 6 World Tour characters? The main roster of Capcom’s latest fighting game are essentially mentors in the World Tour mode. By meeting them, you can learn their fighting style, as well as some of their special moves and super arts. Since you can have multiple mentors, your custom fighter can combine multiple specials from different sources. If you want to give your fighter a random Spinning Piledriver move on top of Ryu’s moves, you can do so, provided you have enough special move slots available.

However, learning from your potential favorite Street Fighter 6 World Tour characters is tricky if they are one of the more elusive ones to find. As you progress through the fighting game’s story mode, you’ll meet up with the bulk of the Street Fighter 6 roster in Metro City and other locations across the world. However, some require you to complete specific side quests or only appear after a certain point in the main story. So, to help you find the Street Fighter 6 fighter that you want the most, we’ve scoured the globe to locate them and popped their locations on a list.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour mentor locations

Here are all the Street Fighter 6 World Tour character locations:

  • Luke: Buckler Security Services – Metro City Day/Night
  • Chun-Li: Hong Hu Lu Chinatown – Metro City Day (complete main story Chapter 2-1)
  • Marisa: Colosseo (complete main story Chapter 3-3)
  • Blanka: Ranger’s Hut (complete main story Chapter 6-1)
  • Dee Jay: Bathers Beach (complete main story Chapter 6-1)
  • Jamie: Hong Hu Lu Chinatown rooftop – Metro City Night (meet after main story Chapter 7-4)
  • Ken: SiRN Building Construction Site 2nd Floor – Metro City Day (complete main story Chapter 8-3)
  • E.Honda: Chanko House Edomon – Metro City Day (complete main story Chapter 8-4)
  • Ryu: Genbu Temple (complete main story Chapter 8-4)
  • Kimberly: Downtown North Area – Metro City Night (meet after main story Chapter 8-6)
  • Guile: Carrier Byron Taylor (complete main story Chapter 8-7)
  • Lily: Thunderfoot Settlement (complete side quest The Spirit Guide in Metro City)
  • Manon: Fête Foraine (complete side quest Extra in Metro City)
  • Zangief: Barmaley Steelworks (complete side quest Hither and Thither in Metro City)
  • Dhalsim: Dhalsimer Temple (complete side quest The Yoga Statue in Metro City)
  • Cammy: Kings Street (complete side quest Special Unit Del– in Metro City)
  • Juri: Old Nayshall Back Alley – Old Nayshall Night (complete side quest A Hardboiled Adventure in Old Nayshall)
  • JP: Suval’hal Arena Entrance – Mount Vashal Night (meet after finishing main story Chapter 15-1)

Those are all the Street Fighter 6 World Tour character locations, and now you’re under their wing, you’ll need to perfect their fighting styles. If you can’t decide whose moves to learn, our Street Fighter 6 tier list can assist with details on who’s the best. Having enough skill is one thing, but improving your stats is crucial to surviving the most grueling matches in the single-player mode. Our World Tour upgrade locations guide lists all the permanent stat buffs you can find, from those in shops or for completing missions to ones hidden in Metro City and Old Nayshall.

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