Can you romance Lilith in Diablo 4? We asked Blizzard


I like to think that I ask important questions, especially at an exclusive Diablo 4 interview that Blizzard flew me down to London for. I had the pleasure of chatting to Diablo 4 game director Joe Shely, and Diablo EP Rod Fergusson, so I obviously chose to ask the most important question of all – your RPG game experience wouldn’t be complete without this, folks.

Amid questions about The Butcher and why Diablo 4 is the best Diablo game so far, I chose to ask Shely and Fergusson about Lilith, the prime evil (pun entirely intended) of Diablo 4.

I, like many others, have been enchanted by her beauty, lured in by her soft, whispering words. I am very much in love with the Daughter of Hatred – but can I hit ultimate weird fan levels and romance her in Diablo 4?

My question elicits a laugh from Fergusson, and genuine confusion from Shely, who initially thought I asked if you could play as Lilith – which, to be fair, I’d also love.

“Well… no,” Shely says with a laugh. “But what I do think is really, really terrific about Lilith especially – and the story of Diablo 4 in general – is that the characters in it are much more deeply defined.

“Lilith is not just a character whose motivation is killing people because she’s angry, she’s a very interesting character,” he continues, with Fergusson highlighting “she’s not just a villain.”

“One of the things that we want to do with Diablo 4 is continue to tell the story; we say that the launch is just the beginning, so we want to develop the story and stay true to what we feel we’ve delivered with the launch, which is this really interesting interaction between humans and these supernatural powers,” Shely tells PCGamesN.

“By defining these powers in more human terms, we have an opportunity to have players relate to them in different ways than simply as an antagonist.”

A set of eyes, one blue and one brown, look down on a hooded character who stands in front of demonic, twisted statues

With a wry smile, Fergusson says “I will take the note that people are interested in a Diablo dating sim, I’ll put that on our back catalog. I’m hearing loud and clear.” I mean, there was the Dead by Daylight dating sim, as well as an Overwatch 2 one, so…

If you, like me, enjoy asking silly questions and getting caught in the blood rain, check out our Diablo 4 review – there are plenty of Lilith pictures in there. If you’re looking to play Cupid as the Rogue – or any of the other Diablo 4 classes – we have the best Diablo 4 Rogue build right here, as well as an in-depth breakdown of the best Diablo 4 builds according to Blizzard.

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