How To Find The Trail Ruins Structure in Minecraft


The new Tales and Trails update is rolling out an intriguing addition to our Minecraft worlds – the Trail Ruins structure. Specifically designed to blend with the newly implemented archaeology system, the structure is packed with suspicious sand and gravel, which is instrumental in uncovering Minecraft’s historical artifacts.

Spotting these ruins during your survival mode escapades can be a bit tricky. These ruins are well concealed within the game’s biomes.

As you wander, watch out for distinct signs of the ruins. You’ll want to look for a mix of sandbox, terracotta, and gravel. However, don’t be fooled by nature’s cover, as these ruins can be partially obscured under a thick layer of leaves. Seeing a few blocks hidden under foliage could be your first clue to an underground archaeological site.

Here’s an example of what one looks like in game:

Screenshot: Try Hard Guides

When you start excavating, you’ll encounter a diverse mix of blocks – everything from mud bricks and sand to different types of terracotta. Use your brush on the suspicious sand and gravel to find pottery shards and maybe even rare treasures like the Host, Raiser, Shaper, and Wayfinder armor trims.

Venturing deeper, you’ll find a passageway flanked by sand cobblestone and stone bricks. Here, pay attention to structures with red terracotta at their center – you’re bound to find suspicious sand inside.

An essential point to remember is that these ruins are entirely filled with blocks. There’s no room for air or open spaces inside. This maze-like structure adds to the thrill of the exploration.

Knowing where to search is key to your quest. The Trail Ruins structure favors specific biomes, so here’s a rundown of where you can find them. Your potential targets include the jungle biome, snowy taiga biome, old growth pine taiga biome (distinguished by its huge trees), old growth spruce taiga biome (similar to the pine taiga, but filled with tall spruce trees), old growth birch forest biome (marked by towering birch trees), and the regular taiga biome.

To find these more easily, I recommend gearing up with an elytra, soaring through the skies, and honing in on the taiga biomes, the tall birch biome, and the jungle biome. Once you’ve found a promising biome, conduct your search at ground level and keep an eye out for signs of terracotta, sand, and gravel.

With this guide, you’re all set to navigate Minecraft‘s landscapes and uncover the mysteries of the Trail Ruins structure in the 1.20 update.

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