Elden Ring is lord of all Steam Deck games once again


Elden Ring holds a special place in the hearts of Steam Deck owners, with the FromSoftware RPG game frequently appearing on Valve’s official top games list. Now, after playing second fiddle for most of this year, Elden Ring has finally returned as the most-played game on the Steam Deck.

Given that so many people, myself included, view Elden Ring as one of the best PC games of all time, it’s no wonder that it finds itself among the best Steam Deck games you can play today too. It’s not my preferred way to play, admittedly, but Valve’s portable PC offers a solid enough experience for me to get my Souls-like game fix on the go.

The confirmation of Elden Ring’s ascent comes from the official Steam Deck Twitter, which also shows the game had plenty of stiff competition too. Stardew Valley, Vampire Survivors, Hogwarts Legacy, and Grand Theft Auto V respectively round off the top five, with other PC mainstays like Skyrim and Cyberpunk 2077 not far behind.

Image credit: OnDeck / Twitter

If you own the 64GB model of Valve’s pocket rocket, you’ll need the best microSD card for Steam Deck on hand to play Elden Ring on the go, thanks to its 60GB install size.

Given how great Diablo 4 on Steam Deck is, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Blizzard RPG made an appearance on this list. Unfortunately, since the game’s only available via Battle.net, this is one realm Lilith won’t be able to rule.

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