How to Solve the Secret of the Spring Riddle in Diablo 4


Unraveling the secret of the Spring riddle in Diablo 4 is not a straightforward task, and it can prove a bit tricky. To help you navigate the game’s puzzle-filled terrain, here is a detailed guide on how to find and solve the Secret of the Spring quest.

Where is the Secret of the Spring Quest?

Initiating the Secret of the Spring quest begins with finding the Discarded Note. It is located in the Kylisk Plateau in the Fractured Peaks, next to the Forsaken Quarry dungeon, which is slightly north of the Cathedral of Light in Kyovashad, the Fractured Peak’s capital city. Look for a ladder near the in Kylisk Plateau. The spot will have a telltale blue exclamation mark indicating the location of the note. Picking up this note sets the quest in motion.

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How to Solve the Secret of the Spring Note’s Riddle

The Discarded Note holds an enigmatic riddle: “Beacon of warmth in winter’s embrace, patience rewarded by nature’s own grace.” Once you have the note, the quest marker will direct you to a nearby mountain spring in the snowy Fractured Peaks, specifically the Frigid Expanse sub-region.

The key to solving this riddle lies in an emote — specifically, the “wait” emote. To execute this emote, press E on your keyboard or the up button on the D-pad on your controller to bring up the emote menu. If the “wait” option isn’t immediately visible, you’ll need to customize your emote wheel. After adding the “wait” emote, stand next to the hot spring and perform the emote.

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This act of virtual patience causes a buried chest to surface, filled with treasure. Looting this chest will complete the quest, rewarding you with XP, Gold, gear, and the satisfaction of cracking the Secret of the Spring riddle. The quest also contributes to your Renown in the Fractured Peaks, bringing additional rewards.

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