A new multiplayer 2D Sonic is coming this fall


Sonic Superstars is a very different entry to the classic Sonic series than its most recent game, Sonic Frontiers. This title is bringing everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog back to his roots in a 2D-style platform game. Sonic Superstars offers a vibrant take on the old side-scrolling games that made up many of our childhoods. Sonic Advance, step aside, there’s a new colorful gameplay experience coming to take your crown as the ultimate Sonic game.

What makes Sonic Superstars especially unique is that you will be able to play with your friends. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy—the gang is all there, available to your own real-life dream team for a coin-collecting multiplayer adventure. What better way to take down the infamous Dr. Eggman than with your friends? Levels also all look pretty unique, with various obstacles and loops to get through.

You can jump straight into Sonic Superstars with your friends when it launches in the fall of this year, 2023. The game is going to be priced at a full triple-A $59.99 point, making it the first 2D game in the series to cost that amount.

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