Valheim Ashlands armor concepts offer a “hot summer” look


New Valheim Ashlands armor concepts from the game’s lead artist give us a glimpse at some rather bold Viking fashion options. This Valheim update comes from the official Twitter account of the co-op survival game, and includes a spicy “hot summer” look that the creator says might not make the final cut – unless people really want it.

The Valheim account tweets, “Some potential flametal armor design concepts by our Valheim artist Robin Eyre! How many layers do you prefer?” The initial look includes full coverage with a mix of cloth, chainmail, and plating made of the flametal ore found in the new Ashlands biome. It also features a heavy black cloak and hood.

If things are getting a little too hot for you under all that armor, the second look strips back the hefty cloak, which also gives off a better look at the gorgeous patterning on the helmet. It’s the third outfit that’s really got us hot under the collar, however.

Removing all the cloth undergarments, we’re left with just plating and chainmail – giving us a tantalizing glimpse of those Viking abs, which we’re sure are kept in phenomenal shape by all the running, climbing, and fighting. It also goes full thighs-out – a bold look to be sure, although the whole thing has me concerned about any potential pinching or chafing that might result.

“The third image is more of a hot summer collection, probably won’t make it into the game,” Eyre caveats, adding, “Getting to work on some Mage armor and then, if everything feels good, an armor for all the ranged Vikings. We are going to war in Ashlands.”

Despite my concerns about its practicality, I can’t say I’m not intrigued by the idea of that saucy set. Whoever’s in charge of the main Valheim Twitter clearly agrees, responding, “Like this tweet if you support the hot summer collection.” I do, Valheim social media manager, I do.

Valheim Ashlands armor on Twitter -

There’s still some time before we get to explore the next biome, but we got a new look at some of the Ashlands creatures we’re likely to run into. For those of you yet to dive into one of the best co-op games on PC, remember that it’s available for free via Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription service as well.

Until the next update lands, take a look through the best Valheim mods for plenty more ways to keep your game fresh. We’ve also laid out all Valheim console commands for you to look through, and our Valheim building guide will help you construct the perfect base.

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