Under the Waves is an eerier Subnautica


Under the Waves is Quantic Dream’s upcoming story game featuring a serene yet creepy oceanic atmosphere. The narrative-driven game thrusts players into a surreal adventure taking place within the depths of the 1970s North Sea—and “the human psyche.” You play as a lone professional diver named Stan who is dealing with his ever-engulfing grief. Under the Waves combines the mind of an isolated man with the spooky vastness of an empty, open sea to create an intriguing gameplay experience like no other.

When you think of grief, loneliness, and the overwhelming emptiness such feelings can cause within a person, there is perhaps no better setting to simulate such a state of being than that of the open water. The sea is just as unforgiving and vast as sorrow, and it often comes crashing similarly in waves. Quantic Dream has taken note of this connection between the human mind and the underwater world, hoping to show the manifestation of psychology as the deep sea.

In a techno-futuristic 1970s take on the North Sea, Stan experiences solitude broken only by strange events with no logical explanation. While struggling to overcome a life-changing loss, Stan will have to figure out what exactly is happening to him, and you will accompany him on the beautiful yet painful journey.

I am personally super excited to see more about this game and to play it myself, as I love delving deep into stories hidden within strange settings. I think that Quantic Dream is doing something seriously unique here by taking two areas not generally combined and putting them together to properly portray Stan’s story. Under the Waves is set to release sometime this year, and I’m going to be keeping an eye out on the Subnautica-like game.

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