Clockwork Revolution is BioShock Infinite meets The Butterfly Effect


Clockwork Revolution looks so much like BioShock Infinite at first glance, I wasn’t quite sure how best to describe it, but its Butterfly Effect-like timeline meddling has me curious. A new steampunk RPG game from inXile, the team behind Wasteland 3, Clockwork Revolution is a time-bending adventure set in a bustling metropolis called Avalon.

Discovering that the city has been built by the alteration of key historical events, you’re actually able to travel back to those points in time and make changes that will alter the current-day world and characters. It’s a really interesting way to make the time travel elements feel impactful.

Watch the reveal trailer for Clockwork Revolution below:

Clockwork Revolution will be available via Game Pass on day one. There’s no release date yet, though; it’s “coming in due time.”

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