F1® Manager 23 puts you in control


Do you love the thrill of Formula 1®? Do you fantasize about those big strategy calls that mean your team is lifting the biggest trophies in the sport? If you answered yes to these questions, then we have the perfect game for you – F1® Manager 23.

Live out your dreams of leading an F1® team in the officially licensed racing management game, the second of its kind from esteemed developer Frontier Developments, which was also responsible for hits such as Jurassic World Evolution, Planet Zoo, and Elite Dangerous. The UK-based developer has switched to fifth gear for this latest title, aiming to create the definitive racing simulation experience.

This year’s edition of the critically acclaimed management sim series is bigger and better than its predecessor in every way possible, adding a new mode, new features, and 2023’s stunning new cars. Fans can also look forward to improved graphics and audio features, truly immersing you in the thrill of the race and the world surrounding it.

Drive every decision

F1® Manager 23 includes a vastly expanded suite of features for the new season. There are 23 unique races to participate in, six F1® Sprint events, new drivers, new challenges, and new circuits including the Las Vegas Strip circuit.

The game gives you the freedom to manage your F1® team in the way that suits you. From the factory, to the garage, to the starting grid, you’ll manage every aspect, starting as Team Principal at one of the ten current F1® teams.

Driver development has also been overhauled. Skill points are a thing of the past, and have been replaced with the driver focus area. Here, you can hone in on the areas that your drivers need to improve on, such as wheel-to-wheel action and wet-track racing. Drivers’ ratings will decrease as they age, so you’ll have to keep on top of which ratings are degrading to keep your favorite racers in tip-top shape, or to decide when to look to the future.

Take greater control of your drivers by checking their confidence, which will fluctuate depending on their performance and experiences on the racetrack. The commands you make during the races will affect their results, and thusly affect their confidence. Make the right calls and you might usher your driver into a flow state. Get it wrong though, and they could end up getting a case of the yips.

Sprint events add an entirely new challenge to the game. These shorter races have fewer laps and will force you to pay close attention to risk management, driver performance, and tire temperatures. You won’t need a pit crew for these events, but watch out for your drivers’ performance in these high-speed, high-octane encounters.

Race Replay

One of the biggest new features for 2023 is Race Replay mode, which allows you to relive key moments from the 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship™. Get closer to the most iconic moments of the most recent season, and rewrite the storylines on your own terms.

The audiovisual experience has also been vastly improved for 2023, with more dynamic effects and advanced graphics that will put you right at the heart of the action. You can even view races in first-person, from the driver’s seat, with visorcam. Manage your pit crew and hire a sporting director to oversee your squad’s performance and aim for the best results possible.

Super-sized simulation

The world of racing is bigger than ever in F1® Manager 23, as F2™ and F3™ championships join the roster. The expanded simulation features allow you to keep track of teams and drivers in these championships and scout out new additions to your team based on their results. You can also swap out drivers and staff mid-season or offer them a contract for the following season, meaning that you can experiment with different rosters and ditch a staff member if they’re not performing (call it their probation period).

F1® Manager 23 fully immerses you in the world of a top-tier racing manager and part of that will involve managing communications with your staff and partners. Your inbox will become your hub of operations, as you manage dilemmas among your staff and teams. Disasters such as factory fires will throw up huge problems to solve, keeping you on your toes as you guide your team along their journey.

If you want to take your seat at the pit wall as Team Principal of your favorite F1® team then get your pre-order for F1® Manager 23 in today. Get ahead of the grid and pre-order the Deluxe Edition for a four day early unlock, allowing you to play from July 27.

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