The Street Fighter 6 battle pass is not what I expected


Capcom has finally revealed the Street Fighter 6 battle pass, which was indefinitely delayed following the full release of the fighting game. Running for around a month, there are both premium and free rewards in what Capcom called the Fighting Pass, including cosmetics, music, retro games, and more. But the first Street Fighter 6 battle pass actually feels oddly lacking.

I’ve been hooked on learning my favorite characters in SF6 so far, but the Battle Hub alone hasn’t been enough, so getting to dig into the Street Fighter 6 battle pass will be an absolute godsend, on some level at least. If you want to be best equipped to jump into the game, our Street Fighter 6 tier list breaks down which fighters are the best – Ken mains rejoice.

Street Fighter 6 battle pass rewards

The first Street Fighter 6 battle pass, called Early Summer Vibes, comes with both a premium and free track and runs from June 12 to July 2. You can see all of the rewards below.

Street Fighter 6 battle pass premium tier

  • Five pieces of summery avatar gear
  • Photo border
  • Classic Capcom game Legendary Wings
  • Three classic Street Fighter 2 stage songs
  • Five stickers
  • Three title cards
  • A device wallpaper
  • One emote

Street Fighter 6 battle pass free tier

  • Two character rental tokens
  • One sticker
  • A few title colors
  • One piece of avatar gear
  • Phone wallpaper
  • Camera wallpaper
  • Emote

The free pass has 20 tiers, while the premium one comes with 30. The last ten tiers of the premium pass are also dedicated to Fighter Coins, awarding ten for each level which is achieved with 500 kudos.

If it sounds like some of the Premium Pass rewards are a bit naff and that the Free Pass is a bit empty, you’re right on the money. While you aren’t paying for the free one, it is absolutely filled with empty spaces, meaning that most of your level-ups without paying won’t actually give you anything.

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The Premium Pass costs 250 Fighter Coins as well, which is equivalent to $4.99 / £3.99, so while it doesn’t actually cost all that much to get on the full reward track, everything feels a bit barren.

I imagine a lot of us are going to find issues with the first Street Fighter 6 battle pass, and while Capcom has the chance to improve them going forward it isn’t helped by the recent Street Fighter 6 DLC backlash. Between a long wait for the promised characters and not enough Drive Tickets – another currency used to buy gear, outfits colors, and stickers – it looks like Capcom’s extra content rollout is significantly lacking.

If you want to learn more about Capcom’s newest fighting venture we’ve broken down the entire Street Fighter 6 roster, including all the upcoming and rumored characters too. We’ve also got the exact location of all the Street Fighter 6 World Tour characters, if you want to run straight to Zangeif.

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