Early Windows 11 build leak reveals unused Windows 10 wallpapers


Windows 11 continues the tradition of iconic wallpapers, but a leak of an early build of the operating system reveals an unused rendition of the unmistakable Windows 10 wallpaper. Naturally, enthused-fans are working their way through the unreleased version of the OS to find more secrets that lay within.

Build 21380, otherwise known as Sun Valley, dates back to May 2021, just months ahead of the launch of Windows 11. We have PhantomOfEarth to thank for bringing this leak to our attention, and among the many features discovered, like the inclusion of the Windows 10 logo at the start-up screen, we’re enamored by the unused wallpapers.

If you’re a long-time user of Windows 10 you’ll be familiar with the default wallpaper. Hero, as the wallpaper is also known, features light reflecting from a blue variation of the well-known Windows logo. The leaked variant of Hero has more subdued colors than its official counterpart, and although there is no way to be sure, this unused variation could have been intended to be part of the dark theme for Windows 11.

The leak also reveals an unused version of Bloom, by user Xeno, a wallpaper later used in the final version of Windows 11, which can be seen within the Get Started app of the early build. Although we’ll likely never know why these variations were never used, they remain a cool insight into the thought process of what goes into creating a Windows operating system.

Both wallpapers are available to download by Xeno. If, like me, you’re starting to like the look of the unused leaked versions over the ones officially available on Windows 11.

As enthusiasts continue to delve deep into the builds of Windows past, more and more users are flocking to Windows 11 every day. If you want to take advantage of the many features of Windows 11, buy a key and get the most out of the constantly added features for your own set-up.

Featured Image Credit: Windows/PhantomOfEarth.

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