This pink Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 is the GPU of my dreams


I dream of setting up a gaming PC that can match the cute and cozy aesthetics of my pink studio, and this Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 looks like just what I need. Better still, it’s the perfect color inside and out.

One of the main issues that’s bothered me about my current set-up is that it doesn’t match the aesthetics of the surrounding room. For me, the best gaming PCs are the ones that grab your attention, and my white PC grabs your attention for the wrong reasons, it’s boring.

If you look through the tempered glass on the side of my white PC tower, you’ll get a glimpse of the plain and uninspired black components that it’s made up of.  I always thought my PC wouldn’t be able to match the aesthetics of the cute room it sits in until I spotted the Zephyr RTX 3060 graphics card with its matching pink PCB.

Discovered by Twitter user haraukaze5719, the pink GPU is manufactured by the China-based company, Zephyr, known for selling graphics cards exclusively on the Chinese market. The model features 8GB of memory, one 8-pin power connector and a boost clock of 1,750 MHz. Those specs aren’t anything to write home about, but it’s the look of the model that really grabs my attention.

The GPU has sakura flower shaped patterning on the back, a pink fan and beautiful hexagonal patterning on the front. What’s especially lovely about this model is the pink PCB that goes along with it. I’m so used to that well-known green most PCB’s come in, that I never imagined something like this would exist.

Image credit: Videocardz

Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, Zephyr sells exclusively on the Chinese market, so it won’t be part of my set-up any time soon. Perhaps I’ll pick up a Zotac RTX 40-series Spider-Man pixel pusher instead.

While I’ll always advocate for performance over appearance when it comes to any PC set-up, this sakura-inspired look is makes me excited about the future aesthetics of new graphics cards to come.

If you’re also tired of your current set-up, check out some of the best PC cases  and maybe you’ll find something to better fit your favorite aesthetics.

Featured Image Credit: Videocardz

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