We love this massive lifesized mech anime PC case build


If you’ve ever wanted a custom PC that is not only equipped with the best specs but will also show off your love for everything anime then look no further than the Machine Origin Battle Mech, the coolest lifesized mech anime PC case build.

This custom PC, which stands at a whopping 67inches tall, is a collaborative effort between Blue Forge Studios, Starforge Systems and OTK and took approximately 2,000 hours to 3D print. It was on display over the weekend at the OTK Games Expo, where on-lookers could get a glimpse of the incredible build, which features a mech in an up-right pose, looking like it’s waiting for Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion to jump in at any moment.

Not only is this mech-inspired PC amazing to look at, it’s also fully functional and ready to play your favourite anime games as it’s equipped with some of the best specs available on the market right now. The PC is decked out with an Intel i9-13900KS processor, an MSI Gaming Trio RTZ 4090 graphics card, an MSI z790 Tomahawk motherboard, 68Gb of RAM and a EKWB branded custom cooling system.

The only downside to this amazing PC is that you can’t buy it. The mech-inspired PC is 1-of-1 made and not available to purchase. If this was to ever his the market however, I imagine a custom PC that large with those amazing specs would cost more than not just my current set up, but all my anime figures combined.

Starforge systems have other anime-themed PC’s available on their website if you’re looking for an alternative to this un-obtainable beast of a PC, however they are usually limited to a set number and sell out pretty fast.

If this custom PC has you considering upgrading your current set up, check out our list of the best SDD’s to get you going. You probably won’t put together a set up as cool as the Machine Origin Battle Mech, but just like the many mech pilots of my favourite anime series’, I believe in you.

Featured Image Source: Blue Horse Studios/Starforge Systems/OTK

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