Battlefield but with PS1 graphics and 254-player lobbies, out on Steam


Battlefield is great and all, but unless you’re rocking a pretty high-spec PC, you might struggle to run it at full power. Plus, although it supports an impressive 128 players, when it comes to all-out war and huge-scale skirmishes, you may be wanting a little more. Well, this is where BattleBit comes in, a new multiplayer FPS game that’s out now on Steam and mixes Call of Duty and Battlefield 2042-style combat and customization with low-poly, PS1-esque visuals and gigantic 254-player lobbies. Oh yes.

BattleBit is like Battlefield meets Army Men 3D meets incredible destruction physics. You’ve got 254 players. You’ve got vehicular combat. You’ve got over 44 weapons, all fully customizable and armed with mountains of upgrades. And you’ve got a huge, Minecraft-esque blocky environment which can be exploded, knocked down, shot to bits, and flattened in just about every way imaginable.

“Exhaustively optimized for high frames-per-second gameplay,” BattleBit also supports proximity chat with friendlies and enemies, a class system that lets you choose between assault, medic, engineer, support, and recon roles, and an evolving day-and-night cycle. Oh, there are also 18 maps.

This is outright multiplayer FPS carnage, but at an unprecedented scale and highly accessible. I mean, just look at this thing. If there was ever an argument that big spectacle and triple-A thrills don’t always demand high-fidelity visuals, BattleBit, surely, is it.

After an extensive playtest, BattleBit is out now via Steam Early Access. Developed in collaboration between The Liquid Horse, Vilaskis, and SgtOkiDoki, which also serves as publisher, today’s launch brings five new weapons from the previous demo versions alongside eight different game modes. You can get BattleBit for $14.99 (£12.79) right here.

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