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Are there any BattleBit codes? With the massive multiplayer FPS game launching into early access, much to our delight, we were also wondering whether there was a way to gain more in-game rewards, cosmetics, weapons, and more.

BattleBit Remastered has toppled the likes of CS:GO and Starfield to become Steam’s top seller, so we’ve been searching for all of the latest codes for cosmetics, weapons, and other freebies. As time passes, we’ll update this guide with the most recent information about BattleBit codes.

BattleBit Remastered codes

Unfortunately, there are not any currently active BattleBit codes, and we cannot see any in-game redemption system that would suggest they are coming soon. Since the game only recently entered early access, we expect it to take the developers a while to add any rewards systems.

Prior to the early access release, some players were given free game codes and supporter pack for being amongst the first to financially back the game via its Patreon. This supporter pack includes an exclusive skin set for armor parts and weapons. It also features extras for unreleased in-game content, which will be unlocked once the items are public.

Where to find BattleBit codes

We’ll be the first to update our guide as soon as codes and in-game rewards get added to BattleBit. In the meantime, you could keep checking the game’s official Twitter page, or join the Discord.

Free BattleBit Steam codes

Recently, some high-profile figures in gaming, such as Jake Lucky, have been listing free BattleBit Steam codes on their social media pages for the fastest fingered gamers to redeem. At present, all of the codes given by Lucky have been redeemed, but as soon as a fresh batch drops we’ll update our page.

Here’s how to redeem a free BattleBit Steam code:

  • Open Steam and log in
  • Click ‘Games’ in the top menu
  • Click ‘Activate a product on Steam’
  • Type in the code and hit enter
  • You’ll see a success message and an option to install the game
  • Shoot away!

While you’re waiting for the devs to work on the codes system, if they ever do, you might also want to check out which platforms BattleBit is on if you’re wanting to kick back and relax whilst blowing some low-poly brains out. It might not be free, but it sure is fun.

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