I can’t get enough of this Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti GPU with its white PCB


One glimpse of Yeston’s website homepage reveals an array of unique GPU designs where multicolored fans and holographic details are a plenty, and adorable anime girls plastered on the backplates are the norm. Just recently, Yeston had success with the release of its Sakura Sugar RTX 4080, but it’s the company’s newly announced white and baby-blue GeForce RTX 4060 Ti Game Ace GPU that really grabs my attention.

The custom RTX 4060 Ti  GPU takes a more subtle approach in its design then compared to other Yeston products with its white and baby-blue color palette, but it’s the white PCB that really catches my eye.

I’m all for unique PCBs, especially when I feel the design and look of graphics cards often feels homogenous. Although the choice of a white PCB isn’t unique to this custom RTX 4060 Ti by Yeston, it definitely stands out among the many all-black GPUs with their matching black PCB’s that you’re more likely to see currently on the market.

What also stands out to me is the use of blue LEDs to match the baby-blue accents of the GPU’s color scheme, which can be found around the central fan. LEDs tend to verge on the tacky side, at least I think they do, but including them over RGB strips really makes this RTX 4060 Ti GPU stand out. The GPU also features a metallic backplate featuring hexagonal patterning and the lovely ‘Game Ace’ branding.

While I’m always going to be more privy to the GPU’s with cute anime girls that Yeston create, it’s the simplicity of the white PCB and baby-blue accents that really makes the custom RTX 4060 Ti Game Ace distinct.

Specifications and pricing information hasn’t been revealed for the custom GPU, but it’s likely not to be long for Yeston to make its official announcement. Until then, I recommended checking the company’s social media pages as it posts about new products pretty frequently.

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Featured image source: videocardz.com/Yeston.

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