Diablo 4 error code 395002 – your account is currently locked


How do you fix the Diablo 4 error code 395002? There’s nothing worse than being unable to log in to an always-online game, and Diablo 4’s immense popularity means that connectivity error codes are bound to strike sooner or later. While error code 395002 is just one of many, the accompanying message that ‘your account is currently locked’ is somewhat misleading – you haven’t been banned, nor are you permanently locked out of your account. Here’s what this error code means and how to fix it.

Diablo 4 doesn’t come with an offline mode, so we’ve got a whole list of Diablo 4 error codes to help you identify any problem preventing you from logging in during your journey across Sanctuary as one of the Diablo 4 classes. It’s also worth reviewing your own setup to avoid potential issues in the future, including the Diablo 4 system requirements and best settings for your rig. That done, here’s how to fix the Diablo 4 error code 395002.

What does the Diablo 4 error code 395002 mean?

The Diablo 4 error code 395002 includes a message stating that ‘your account is currently locked’, but don’t panic – in our experience, this indicates a server overload preventing you from logging in.

This error code can also appear after too many consecutive login attempts over a short period of time, so be sure to give the servers time to update your account status by allowing a few minutes to lapse between retries.

How do I fix the Diablo 4 error code 395002?

The only way to fix the Diablo 4 error code 395002 is by waiting five to ten minutes for the servers to stabilize before attempting to log in again.

You may find that the error code persists throughout several login attempts, at which point we highly recommend checking if Diablo 4 is down right here on PCGamesN, by consulting our guide to the current server status. You can also swing by the Battle.net support page for all scheduled maintenance and trending error codes that may interfere with the ARPG’s connectivity, as well as the official Blizzard CS Twitter account.

While you’re waiting for the servers to come back online, be sure to brush up on the best Diablo 4 builds according to Blizzard (and us). We’ve also got the locations of all the Diablo 4 world bosses, as well as useful tips for beating them once you’ve reached the endgame. Finally, our Diablo 4 review outlines our own experience going up against Lilith and her demonic forces.

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