All new Fortnite Reality Augments in the v25.11 update


Screenshot: Try Hard Guides

On June 27, Fortnite updated to version 25.11 and brought with it the typical changes some might expect from a content update, even though this was supposed to be an off-week. As usual, Epic made sure to add a bunch of content specific Reality Augments that will allow players to change up their strategy on the battlefield as they play.

Here’s all the details on the new Reality Augments added to Fortnite in the v25.11 update and whether or not they are currently active.

What are the new Fortnite Reality Augments in the June 27 update?

Fortnite also a variation on the Chug Splash for the Slap energy drink during this update, so naturally there is a new Reality Augment that provides them to players. There is also a new Augment related to mud, which has become a messy issue in the Wilds season as the jungle floor is nearly completely coated in the substance.

While these are not all active at time of writing, data miner iFireMonkey was able to get a complete screenshot. The full list of Reality Augments added in v25.11, and whether they’re currently active or not, can be found here:


  • Heavy Headshots: Weapons using heavy ammo have increased headshot damage
  • Heavy Ammo Acquired: Instantly gain heavy ammo and gain additional heavy ammo when opening containers.


  • Shrub Mud: You become covered in mud when you go in big bushes, leaf piles, or tall grass.
  • Thermal Mud: You gain thermal vision while covered in Mud
  • Splash Party: Receive Slap Splashes
  • Roaming Redeploy: Gain Glider redeploy whenever you get immunity to fall damage

Make sure to check back at Try Hard Guides for all the latest information about when these Fortnite Reality Augments from v25.11 become available.

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