Another of Diablo 4’s six mythical uniques has been found


It’s well known that some items are Diablo 4 are just built different. A single Legendary drop can change your game, so imagine what securing one of the six uber-rare Diablo 4 unique items would feel like. Well, in the hunt for each of these powerful weapons of war, one Diablo 4 player has secured the RPG game‘s rarest helmet, Andariel’s Visage.

That very, very lucky player is simply known as Lithie, a wandering Barbarian who happened to pick up one of the rarest Diablo 4 items out there.

Showcased on Polish streamer Maciej ‘NadinWins’ Matusik’s stream, Lithie adds NadinWins to a party to show off his prize. The item grants a whopping +18 to all stats, +7.8% attack speed, +2.4% life steal, 34.4% poison resistance, and a lucky hit which has a 20% chance of spawning a poison nova. Oh, and that poison nova deals 11,335 damage over five seconds. Not too shabby, huh?

I don’t speak much Polish, but I can confirm that NadinWins’ reaction mirrors my own: that’s so cool, but Inarius be damned I want it.

As a level 45 Sorceress with nothing but a dream and a scattered legendary wardrobe that still doesn’t have boots, I am ever so slightly jealous of Lithie (can you tell?). Not only is Andariel my favorite of the Lesser Evils, this item is a dream come true for me. As an avid defender of the Plague Javazon in Diablo 2, poison builds are my vibe. I played an equally toxic Witch Doctor in Diablo 3, and instantly regretted leaving my Diablo 4 review Rogue behind for my current spell-slinger.

If Lithie ever feels like, y’know, giving the item to someone, they know exactly where I am (in Kyovashad petting dogs, probably). Until that fateful day arises, I’ll continue to seek out all six uniques and the mysterious Diablo 4 Altar of Lilith locations to level up my Sorc. It’s also worth perusing our list of the best Diablo 4 builds – if you’re anything like me, you’ll be looking for poison ones.

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