Diablo 4’s weakest enemy just ended a Hardcore run in style


Diablo 4 is one of those RPG games that can be quite difficult, but also very rewarding. The same can especially be said by those experiencing the game in Hardcore mode, a difficulty that results in permanent death and loss of progress. If you enjoy roguelikes or just really like the thrill of possible permadeath, then Hardcore mode is for you. One Diablo 4 player found out that Blizzard’s new game is especially unforgiving on a Hardcore run with a high-level character where he died to, drum roll please, a Treasure Goblin.

If you know anything about Treasure Goblins, then you know that they are easy kills aside from their quick speed as they try to escape your blade. The little enemies carry around treasure just as their name would imply, and drop it if you kill them fast enough. Streamer Killthuzad got very unlucky while running a Nightmare Dungeon on his level 85 Diablo 4 Hardcore character, losing all of his progress to a Treasure Goblin.

Thanks to the recent Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeon changes, running these dungeons should usually reward players nicely. A reward is the last thing Killthuzad got though, as his Hardcore character was killed swiftly by a level 91 Treasure Goblin’s Death Pulse as he went to loot the enemy. Death Pulse is basically a lightning pulse released by an enemy after you kill them, but it shouldn’t one-shot you.

After he died, the streamer simply got up and out of his chair, unable to believe what had happened. If you want to do what you can to avoid a similar untimely demise, be sure to check out our guide on the best Diablo 4 builds. You can also look through our list of all the Diablo 4 dungeon locations if you want a bit of a challenge yourself. Just remember, even the weakest enemy can randomly go goblin mode.

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