Punch a Skibi codes July 2023


What are the new Punch a Skibi codes? Punch a Skibi looks shockingly similar to a few other recent Roblox hits, so we understand if you’ve mistaken it for something entirely different.  To reduce the chances of confusion, we’ve thoroughly tested all the working Punch a Skibi codes to ensure you’re not chasing any rewards that actually don’t exist.

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New Punch a Skibi codes

Here’s the full list of working Punch a Skibi codes:

  • OPPETCODE2 – uTube Broli Pet (NEW)
  • SKIBI4 – Win Potion (NEW)
  • OPPET1 – uTube Boku Pet
  • SKIBI8 – Win Potion
  • RELEASE – Split Doggy pet

Expired codes

  • No Punch a Skibi codes have expired just yet.

When entering Punch a Skibi codes, be sure to get the capitalization exactly right. Most codes for Punch a Skibi are entirely uppercase, which makes things easier, but just note things like numerics taking the place of some letters.

How do I use Punch a Skibi codes?

You can use Punch a Skibi codes as soon as you enter the game. Just log into the Roblox account you want to use, launch the Punch a Skibi experience, and tap the Codes button on the far-right part of the screen. You can use the button to the left of this, too. Despite the wording on the window that pops up, you can use the same codes here.

With the redeem box open, go ahead and type a working Punch a Skibi code into its text field – not the generic Roblox chat box. Tap the green button and your working code will redeem, unlocking any new pets or dropping items like Win Potions directly into your inventory. You’ll also see a handy confirmation of your freebies pop up at the bottom of the screen.

How do I get more Punch a Skibi codes?

There are a few ways you can get new Punch a Skibi codes. Just to be clear, we will regularly update our guide to include every code available, but if you want to set up notifications on the team’s social media platforms to get them a little bit sooner, here’s what to do:

First up, follow the xFrozenStudios on Twitter. This is the developer team behind the game. They post codes for a few of their other games here, so you might consider some of the notifications to be annoying spam if you don’t play these games as well.

Secondly, the i2Perfect YouTube channel is another place where codes are dropped semi-regularly. Videos with Punch a Skibi codes are labeled as such, but you’ll have to watch the fairly lengthy clips meticulously to find them.

Lastly, the xFrozenStudios Discord server is your final port of call. This one works similarly to the Twitter account, but you’ll notice things like patch nodes, sneak peeks, and player chatter happen here as well. The codes from the YouTube videos won’t be listed on the Discord server. There’s no single social media platform to use to get them all in one place.

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